The last week of 2005 has been so positive and fun. Some highlights:

— A spontaneous trip to quaint Bay Head with my sister, where we checked out some shops and bought Mom a birthday cake.

— A Christmas day spent with my niece and nephew, both preemies, who beat the odds to get here and are now thriving.

— Some wonderful surprise gifts from special people, including a DVD player from a sweet friend who knew it was time I joined the “real” world.

— An overdue visit to a friend, who served a festive champagne punch and other goodies.

— An under-the-weather friend rallying so he could join me for a fab Italian birthday dinner and cupcake a la mode.

— A neat party and light dinner with a friend eager to take a break from her insanely busy life working for a film director.

— This very morning, a workout that prompted my body to whisper to me over and over again, “Thank you, thank you, thank you …”