The transit strike is over. Hopefully jarring our routines gave us a chance to pause and appreciate some things.

I, for example, came away nearly unscathed and am ever grateful for that. I helped several folks navigate the PATH train system, which had added some trains to help out, and that felt good. And I battled a few crowds. But nothing compared to what I saw on the news.

I can’t help but wonder how many entrepreneurs gained a greater appreciation for workers who couldn’t get to work. I had a manager of a cafe serving my coffee the last three days. Some stores couldn’t open at all. This was life without many of the folks who bus tables, deliver food, work cash registers.

It was a chance for people who did make it to work to tell their tales of perseverence and resilience. Some came in with blisters. Others exhilarated. At the very least, some pounds were dropped and sleep came easily.

I feel for the businesses that lost significant money. I laud the people who kept their patience and even extended themselves. I hope MTA workers find peace in resolution.

What a week.