So a friend gave me lavender body scrub and body lotion for my birthday. While I loved the idea, I’m not big on floral scents in body products or candles, so I attempted to return them and switch them for another fragrance. But no can do, I was told by the snide store manager. I left in a snit, annoyed not so much by the policy but her attitude.

I relate this to another friend, who asks, “Nancy, is she worth all that energy? Forget her.” I sort of had, but then made an effort to really put it to rest. Then the friend throws in, “Maybe you’re supposed to try something new. Maybe you’re supposed to try the lavender.”


So this morning I tried the lavender. I scrubbed with it. I moisturized with it. Truth be told, I reveled in the fact that I was trying something new. (Ha. Step back 12 notches, it’s Nan gone wild.)

When I arrived in Manhattan, I had a spring in my step despite the torrential rain and my inside-out umbrella. As I walked the few blocks to work, I was joined by a pleasant man who struck up a conversation with me out of nowhere. Nice.

Call it flower power.