A dear friend gave me a very cool birthday present. It’s a sort of metal sculpture, a woman in a sitting position. She’s dressed in a flamboyant green dress with red polka dots which is trimmed at the neck and hem with actual red boa. She has bright red lips and blue-lidded eyes and she’s wearing a crown trimmed in real gold sequins. Her tights are black-and-white striped and her pumps are red. She’s holding a purse with three red rose buds and its says “drama queen,” which my dear friend insists was not directed at me. She just knew I’d love this chick.

And she’s right. Just to emphasize how much she belonged in my home, I actually had an empty pewter-colored chair sitting on my shelf as if waiting for this little drama queen to plant her butt in it. How odd is that?

Finally, there is the little card that came with the drama queen. (Hmmm, she needs a name, doesn’t she?). On the front it says dolly mama’s by joey inc. Here’s what it says inside:

Artistic Passion

Let’s give ourselves the courage to keep going when no one else believed in us, the vision to be able to see past the fear to where beauty lies, passion for everything we do, truth in always listening to our inner selves and possibilities because anything is possible if we really believe. Let’s give ourselves the gift of responsibility so we may have a say in our lives.

It just feels right all around.