Three days a week at the “day” job, a local cafe delivers coffee and bagels to the office for our staff meetings. Much to my delight, last week I noticed they garnished the platter with flowers. I took the two yellow daisies and a nice healthy fern and put them in a white styrofoam cup on my desk. Nice pick-me-up.

Then my February issue of O magazine comes and I read this great little tidbit about a woman named Nancy (!) with a business called FlowerPower. She was working as a temp and every day at lunch she would go to view the magnificent floral arrangements in the Waldorf Astoria. Then it occurs to her that they probably throw those flowers out, so she talks a manager into giving them to her and she subsequently makes 20 arrangements to bring to a hospital to cheer up the patients. This grew into a non-profit that is now in New York and Los Angeles thanks to hundred of volunteers. Her vision is astounding to me.

This seems to me a great example of what happens when one follows her passion and runs with it. People who want to know how to change careers so often think they have to go back to school or they try to find some random thing that doesn’t necessarily excite them but promises to be financially rewarding.

All I know is the daisies on my desk are still thriving, like a little ray of sunshine in my eye’s view. I can only imagine what pleasure the other Nancy is bringing to those less fortunate.