There are these people in life. They shine their spotlight on individuals who they attract into their lives, who in their own way they love. They watch those individuals thrive as the “light” brings out a side of them that is carefree and adventurous, easy and warm. Somehow the “light” makes them feel like they’re living a little more than they were before.

Then after a period of time these people swing their spotlight onto a new subject. Boredom, maybe. Addiction to drama, maybe. Unwitting (?) use of power, maybe. Need for change, maybe. Who knows? But perhaps most importantly, who cares? That’s right, who cares?

Because today, here, we are focusing on the ones who are in that spotlight, thriving for a day, a week, a year before finding themselves in the dark. What makes them attract that spotlight? Why do they need it to feel like they are living? What is it really about? What does it say about them, that they dance and kick around in the sunshine one minute and then flounder and fight off self-hate the next?

It is about the giving away of power or the relying on certain outside forces in order to seize it. It is about filling those spotlight people with what they need to feel good at the cost of self. It is about each individual so often not knowing how to turn on their own power switch.

There is a lesson here. It is imperative that the wiring and bulbs are in place so we can bask in the light we ourselves create. The spotlights that come along will then be a marvelous, luminous bonus.