I’m in the thick of Lipstick Jungle. Got a gift card from Barnes and Noble and couldn’t resist a little spicy reading courtesy of Candace Bushnell. What fun. It seems absurd that I’ve had a measure of guilt around reading that instead of literature or something meaningful. I mentioned that to someone yesterday and his response was, “Often our entertainment is spiritual.”


Lord knows I love my “light” entertainment. Is there something deep in there? Recently I was watching the movie You’ve Got Mail, which I’ve probably seen and enjoyed a trillion times. Basically, the premise is that the Meg Ryan character has a small bookstore that is put out of business by the mega-chain bookstore owned by Tom Hanks’ character. Yet they fall in love.

For the first time, I was left wondering at the end, how in the world did she forgive him? I mean, what happened after the big kiss in the park? Did they talk it out? Did he apologize? Did he feel he did anything wrong? How did they resolve it? Did it keep coming up every time they had a fight? Or was it like the big white elephant in the room? What happens when the personal and professional feel like they’ve been all mixed up?

That’s the movie I want to see.