Finished reading Lipstick Jungle today. I have immense respect for Candace Bushnell’s work, being a big fan of Sex and the City. This latest work, however, wasn’t particularly compelling. Yet it would probably make great TV.

Hmmmm. I guess what I’m trying to say is the characters are rich and well drawn but the storyline didn’t grab me. It had its moments, though. And there are nuggets of real, relatable things in the novel. I am intrigued by the idea of seeing it come to life on the tube, as it’s filled with glitz and glamour.

The title refers to New York City’s prominent businesswomen getting into the thick of corporate competition. Clever. And it makes for a highly attractive cover.

As an artist currently wrestling with plot and conflict issues in my own book in progress, I found it illuminating to partake in someone else’s artistic creation.

It’s called “filling the well.”