I love lingerie. From cotton to lace, flashy colors to basics. It’s all about an expression, a mood.

So starting the year suddenly realizing the “girls” looked a bit saggy in their lovely but aging satin bras (in about 20 colors) prompted me to evaluate my financial needs and wants. I realized that I’ve recently balked at buying workout sneakers because the bras need to take precedence. When someone close to me asked, “Are you wearing a bra?” I knew it was time for a trip to Victoria’s Secret.

And so now I have discovered a line called Sweet Embrace. I looked at the bra and scoffed, such was the odd construction on the hanger. But then I put it on and appraised the sight before me in the mirror. Aside from the little purple demi number in my drawer, the “girls” have never looked so good and been so well-supported simultaneously. I brought a few t-shirts into the dressing room to see how the bra looked with a fitted shirt. Mind-blowingly fab.

It struck me that all the bras I tried on looked like they had been designed by architects or high-tech engineers. Marvelous construction.

What a treat.