I finally got around to watching the documentary on the U.S. women’s soccer team that’s been running on HBO. I was nonchalant about it, kind of curious. After my 15-year sports journalism career ended almost four years ago, I really lost touch. I rarely read the sports section and almost never tune in to SportsCenter, once staples of my life.

So it was kind of like venturing into my old life, tuning into this show. And I enjoyed it immensely. Truth be told, I shed some tears. The footage showing the goal scoring was so well-edited. Mia Hamm is explosive and when she’s determined to score it’s like she’s shot out of a gun. What a sight, watching that ball fly past a goalie’s outstretched body to the thunderous roar of the crowd.

That they were pioneers and exemplified everything sports should be, well, that’s all a bonus. They were just so good.

Those were heady days.