I was awakened in the middle of the night by a sore throat. No other symptoms, just that feeling that you can feel your ears when you swallow.

So after two rounds of Airborne I did a bit of Google-ing (man, I love that) on sore throats and chakras to find out what it all means aside from wacky weather changes and low resistance. Here is what I found — the throat is the fifth chakra. It’s about expression and communication, about communicating authentically.

Some highlights of my research:

Communication is essential to create successful relationships. Without open, honest expression of our wants, desires and needs, relationships soon become stale, falter and fail.

We cannot even begin to know ourselves unless we are real with others and create a safe space for them to be real with us.

Discharge and release pent-up frustrations and negativities in healthy ways, such as exercise.

Learn methods of communication and healing that will benefit all of your relationships: lovers, children, co-workers, family and friends. Clear your energy centers for love, fun and pleasure. You’re worthy. You deserve all the joy life can give.

How wonderful is that to embrace? Sore throat be gone.