I am in the third “trimester” with two of my life coaching clients and both experiences are positively heady. The progress they’ve made, the journeys I’ve witnessed and helped facilitate, the improvement in their lives. Just heady.

I heard another naysayer this week put down life coaching and all I can say is he has no idea what life coaching is. There’s nothing to disparage. It’s so positive in a focused, accountable way. I am so proud to be in this field. It makes me a little sad for the naysayer.

But back to my two clients. They are piecing together the different areas of their lives so that the whole is more in line with their passions, their desired paths, their priorities. I encourage them to focus while staying open to possibility. They are experiencing a sense of relief in having made key decisions or, as one put it, “crossing over to the other side.”

How different life is when we eschew the toxic, the conventional, the comfortable and start to own our lives. Or when we help someone else see that very light.