I have a new favorite line from a movie. Was doing a little channel surfing and just happened to catch Under The Tuscan Sun. Diane Lane’s character, Francesca, meets an Italian hottie. They are instantly attracted to each other. She is trying to get off to a new start, a rebirth if you will, after a divorce. They are kissing and it’s getting intense when he pauses and says:

Francesca, I’m going to make love all over you.

Her dazed reply:


And then it gets good.

It felt kind of synchronous to what I’m reading right now, The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. Just today on the PATH train I read this:

… whether or not we are willing to entertain seriously the possibility of some kind of rebirth occurring simultaneously with our physical death, it is abundantly clear that this lifetime is a series of simultaneous deaths and births.

God, yes.