So there’s this blizzard. And the building I live in has no heat or hot water. Ran out of oil. No deliveries on Sunday. Brilliant timing, all in all.

So I have spent the day making the best of it. Plan B was pretty simple. Take the laptop to the usual cafe and spend the day blissfully writing. But no. The cafe is closed due to the weather. Hmmmm. It was a little easier to get my zen on when I had Plan B so clear in my mind.

Plan C? Play it by ear. So it was off to the grocery store cafe for a warm spot, some morning pages writing and the Sunday Times. That was good for a while. But wouldn’t a shower be nice, I thought. Off to the gym for a workout and a soothing, hot shower. And the workout was a welcome feeling, that whole thing about getting the blood circulating.

OK, so what next? The idea is to stay out of the house as long as possible before giving in to thermals and blankets. I ran into my kind police officer neighbor who offered up a space heater when he heard my tale. Yes! So that’s set up and cooking as I sit in yet another bakery cafe, this time with laptop and book files.

How funny is this????

Tomorrow brings heat. Sweet, sweet heat.