In a little while I’ll be watching House. It’s this little addiction I’ve developed since watching it with my mother a few months ago. I had never heard of it, but my brother had been hooked for a while.

A person who typically eschews all things medical, I am (ironically) hooked on a TV show that gets deep into the intricacies of medicine. I think what I like best is the well-drawn main character, a brilliant visionary in his field but also addicted to pain killers. Played by actor Hugh Laurie, he’s sarcastic and blunt and arrogant, but the latter is neutralized by the fact that he walks his talk. The man diagnoses rare disorders and stops at nothing to get to the bottom of medical mysteries. The supporting cast is excellent.

With surefire intellectual stimulation, drama to beat the band, and resolution in an hour, how could it not be compelling?

That’s entertainment.