So I’m back to the Raisin Bran, the organic one that comes with the separate, stay-fresh pack of raisins in the box. I bought a box on Thursday and there was no pack of raisins. Just tasty flakes.

Now it was just a few weeks ago that there were two packs of raisins in my box and it gave me a sense of abundance to sprinkle twice as many raisins on my cereal. I took that as a sign.

So musn’t I read the lack as a sign as well?

While picking up some items at the grocery store yesterday, it occurred to me that I could just buy a big package of raisins and keep it in my cabinet. That would accomplish two things:

1. I could put as many or as few raisins in my cereal as I wanted every morning.
2. My sense of abundance wouldn’t be reliant on an outside source. It would come from me.

But then, that’s really only one reason, isn’t it?