So a few weeks ago I bought this organic brand of Raisin Bran. I’m always in search of a good, healthy cereal. I pour it into the bowl one morning and I see flakes but no raisins. I pull the clear bag of cereal out of the box and look and there are no raisins. Annoyed, I pour it and eat it anyway since I have no other choices in the house for breakfast.

A few days later, I finish the box and as I go to throw it away, it seems a little heavy. Lo and behold, there’s a stay-fresh foil pack of raisins lying in the bottom of the box. I laugh out loud, glad I didn’t bring it back to the store like I had contemplated.

I enjoyed it enough to buy it again, this time wise to the stay-fresh pack. The next morning I opened the box and, lo and behold, two packs of raisins. Let’s just say I’ve had some very raisin-y Raisin Bran for breakfast. The Universe is showering me with abundance from every front, it seems.

Recently I laughingly told someone the Universe was throwing money at me. This evening, I went to the laundromat and did three loads of wash. I put the required 10 quarters in the machine, but when I pushed the lever in, two of them popped out and hit my arm. I went to put them back in the slot, but realized the machine was already filling with water, doing its thing with my dark clothes. It gave me the 50 cents back.

Mamma mia. So freakin’ cool.