I am high on shopping today.

Back in December, I bought myself a ring with birthday money — brass with shining stones in the shape of a daisy. It was a symbolic purchase since the main character in my book is named Daisy. Well, every time I wear it my finger turns green. (Not sure if I want to know what the Universe is telling me on that one.) Today I brought it back to the store. After a bit of wrangling (read: charm) with the saleswoman (she may have, in fact, been the jewelry designer) at ABC Carpet and Home, I got a store credit. Free money! Birthday money, to boot! For a store that is a virtual treasure trove.

What I walked out of there with filled me with joy. First I found a tiny heart-shaped pin covered in little red and pink beads. Then I hit the Indian silk print accessories and was drawn to them like a bee to honey. My eyes popped at the sight of a two-toned pink scarf with light fringing. I held it next to my face and knew it was coming home with me. Finally, in the same section, a handbag made of Indian silk in four blocked sections.

Such an extravagant trio of purchases. I can’t wait to wear them all. A splendid splurge.