— I was supposed to get my hair cut and my stylist got the time mixed up. I left Manhattan as shaggy as when I had arrived in the morning.

— My plans for celebratory margaritas with a friend were postponed, meaning, much to my disappointment, my full evening suddenly became open.

— I put on sweats, got a cup of coffee, walked to the waterfront and gazed at the gorgeous scene from a bench. I called a steady, spiritual friend and had a good conversation. I went deep into thought. I felt peaceful.


— I met with a life coaching client. We were supposed to have a phone session, but I switched it to in person because he lives in the same neighborhood as my hair stylist (she was able to fit me in this evening). He was in a low place. He clearly needed steadiness, frankness and some tough love.

— I left Manhattan with saucy hair, certain this had all happened so one person could help another in need.