Just back from the Easter weekend with family. Some thoughts/observations:

— My niece (2) and nephew (4) were spunky and adorable and pretty funny to watch in action. It’s always interesting to see my siblings in their parental role when for so long I simply knew them as my quick-witted, fun, dependable brother and sister.
— It’s always a trip to run errands in “retirement” land, where folks drive slowly, speak loudly and get their feisty on.
— Mom and I watched Liza with a Z and it was great! Several numbers gave me goosebumps. The woman is fabulous. She wears a red sequined micro mini in several numbers and her legs go on forever. The Cabaret finale is spectacular. That’s bang for the buck right there.
— I took a ride to the beach in Lavallette this morning after breakfast. Gorgeous weather and a nice cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee made for a dreamy walk. It spurred all kinds of wonderful ideas.
— It is nice to be back on my hardwood floors, back to a land where I can walk with shoes on. The concept of carpeting that can’t be walked on with shoes is so foreign and ludicrous to me. Let’s just say Mom and I have very different ideas on the comfots of day-to-day living. We talked about them a little bit and laughed. What a hoot.
— I was home in time for The Sopranos. Yippee.
— Back to my routine tomorrow. Yippee.