Today I was in a Catholic church for the first time in a while. It was for a funeral mass. How familiar yet strange it seemed.

After hearing a message at a New Thought church yesterday about being friendlier to oneself and not so self-critical, it was quite a contrast to be in Catholic surroundings. What stopped me in my tracks was the part of the Mass where this prayer is recited — “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you …”

I must have said that prayer a gazillion times over the course of my life. And only today did it give me pause. Duh. Of course I’m “worthy.” What have I done that would make me not worthy? It was so ingrained, this mindset, that I never really stopped to digest it or understand it. It just became rote. But now I say, how is it possible we come into this world with “original” sin? You know what? I’m not buying it. Why should I possibly believe we start our lives with a strike against us?

Beneath all the grandeur is guilt. Beneath all the pomp is pompousness.

How uplifting.