Greetings All —

I find myself surrounded by writers these days and it is no coincidence, I know. I love how they want to share their craft, how they continually amaze themselves, how they endeavor to define what role writing should play in their lives. Writers are a special breed and I am thrilled to attract them into my life.

If you’re looking for a little more structure around your writing life, want to unblock on a project you’ve begun, or just need creative support, contact me and let’s see how we might partner to make your writing life what you want it to be. Don’t let the inspiring backdrop of spring pass you by!


Let life (creativity) work through you.
You are in charge of your destiny.

Two feel-good, particularly wise sentiments, right? But lately I have been feeling like they’re a bit at odds. Can they co-exist or are they mutually exclusive? If we let life happen and get into that universal flow as opposed to trying to manipulate things down to the excruciating detail, are we then not taking responsibility for what transpires in our lives? Do we create our lives or don’t we?

Let’s look at it another way. A lot of things happening in my life right now have me pondering the fine line between being in control of one’s life and being controlling. Two concepts, the same root word, so close yet so far apart. The former generally has a positive connotation, the latter a negative one.

So when I received two very clear and separate signals a few years ago that life coaching was a profession I should pursue even though I had never heard of it, I was going with the universal flow yet taking control by signing up for a training and certification program. That sounds so simple now, but felt less obvious in the moment.

Sometimes when we get inspiration from lots of places, when we are open and receptive to what works for others, it can feel like overload. But if we put an intention out, even one that seems like a stretch to us, it is a first step toward making it happen. Perhaps it is at that point that we can see things unfolding a little more clearly and subsequently let them happen to us in a natural way. Hence, we control the intention but not necessarily its timing or how it manifests.

Yes, I think I am more at ease with how these two ideas can and do live in harmony. And how they can help us do the very same thing.

Two days after meeting with [Nancy], I broke through my three-month long bout of writer’s block, finished my novel a month later and scored a book and film deal six weeks after that. Publishing my book changed my entire life! I can’t believe I was going to give up! And I shiver to think what would have happened if I hadn’t had Nancy to put me back on the right track.