Sunday night while watching the Tony Awards it seems I caught a fever. The Jersey Boys fever. Suddenly I want to see that play like there’s no tomorrow. They performed You’re Just Too Good To Be True and Who Loves You and it lifted me right off my couch. I always liked the Four Seasons but never realized how appealing it might be to see their stuff woven through a story.

Now if only the tickets weren’t $200 each. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my ears open for a miracle discount or something. Mom and Sis are itchin’ for tix as well.

And speaking of music that lifts my mood, every day there’s a guy on the corner of 7th Avenue and 29th St. selling those bubble-making plastic guns. He’s very jolly and waves them around while he dances to 80s music. I absolutely love it. It’s like a little surprise each day that puts a spring in my step as the bubbles just fill the air all around.

Happy tunes.