Last night I just had to tune in to TLC’s new show called The Messengers. The premise is that they begin with 10 strong public speakers, put them in a really trying scenario, give them a topic and then they have to speak on that topic in front of a studio audience. It’s very intense, as the idea is to be inspirational.

So the debut show began with dropping off the 10 speakers on Skid Row. They were to spend 24 hours living amongst the homeless in the cold (which for me was less challenging than the idea of rats). They were given tips on a place for a free meal and when to line up for a guy giving out new cardboard boxes. The homeless people varied in their reactions, some screaming in anger that they’d be going back to their “homes” and others opening up and sharing stories. It was hard to watch, yet fascinating.

Then they took to the stage and by the end one guy was voted off by the audience. As far as I could see, the show’s main flaw is its two judges, who aren’t constructive, just cheerleaders for the most part. They’re a little too golly-gee for me, but the show was still worth watching. I loved seeing the styles of the different speakers, all on the topic of charity. Good speakers, for me, are real, relaxed and anecdotal.

Next week the speakers are going to be, I think, migrant workers. The coming attractions were very alluring.

I’m there.