About a month ago, my brother says, “You’ve got to read Gary Smith in the current Sports Illustrated.” Back in the days when I was a subscriber, I used to savor Smith’s articles. He’s a stunning talent who takes his reader on a journey in every story.

So I didn’t need my arm twisted to heed my brother’s suggestion. But my attempts to land an issue were unsuccessful, so it was just today that I read my brother’s copy of the July 17th Sports Illustrated.

Well worth the wait!

It is the story of Andre Agassi, which I went into with a bit of knowledge but not a whole lot. It is an amazing story of finding oneself, with threads of love, altruism and glory woven through it. There is an overbearing father, an over-the-top wild streak, a failed marriage. But to my liking, ultimately there is a man who figures out his place in the world with a wonderful partner at his side.

Mr. Smith does it again.