Is it possible to excommunicate someone from the Catholic Church who doesn’t even consider herself Catholic? And what do these power-hungry “holy” men think that means to anyone but an 80-year-old at this point?

Yes, I’m talking about Madonna. Found a little tidbit on Matt Drudge’s famous news compilation saying it’s so. The Vatican is ticked about the crucifixion scene in her concert, which will be hitting Rome this weekend. They want to toss her out of the club.

Ha. Why should she change the format of her show because she’s playing near the Vatican? SHE’S NOT CATHOLIC. She’s making a point. She expressing. Big deal. Ignore her if you don’t like it.

Mamma mia. If only we had this much hoopla when the priests were getting caught molesting CHILDREN. Never mind that the man who glorified crucifixion and suffering in a film, Mr. Super Catholic, is potentially going to mow down someone with his drunken self. And, if he’s really having a good day in his eyes, it will be someone Jewish. But he’s got a gold card membership, right?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Heaven can wait.