So the Gap commercial must have gotten to me. I rented Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. It’s a fun flick. The fashion photographer discovers the bookish girl in Greenwich Village and takes her to Paris to model. She’s smart. He likes her anyway. (Don’t get me started …)

The classic dance scene recreated in the Gap commercial is fantastic. Audrey Hepburn can cut a mean rug. And then, what a great surprise. There is a sequence where she is posed in front of various points of interest around Paris. All of a sudden I see a grand staircase and I know what will be at the top — Winged Victory. They are in the Louvre. Fred Astaire looks up the stairs at the glorious statue. Audrey Hepburn is hiding behind it. She tells him to get ready and then she emerges from this stark white setting in a red gown. She tells him to shoot as she comes down the stairs, arms outstretched with a red wrap fluttering between them. A beautiful shot with the outstretched wings of the statue behind her.

And then a happy ending. Just what the doctor ordered.