Sometimes you just get up in the morning and think it’s going to be a run-of-the-mill Monday and you wind up sitting in Madison Square Garden listening to a legend.


Oh my God. What Barbra Streisand can do with a song. Evergreen, The Way We Were, Somewhere and my favorite show-stopper — Don’t Rain On My Parade. I feel blessed to have witnessed three hours of pure entertainment, including the powerful Il Divo.

Somehow I think I’ll be waking up to a New York Post headline about one particular moment in the show. There was a political skit that included a George Bush impersonator. When a heckler got out of hand and the word “traitor” was shouted, Babs shocked the Garden crowd when she said, “Shut the f#$% up.” What a moment. She invited people to express their opinions by voting and noted how great it was to live in a country where we’re free to poke fun at the government.

It was a star-studded, poignant, humorous, rousing evening. The legend lives on.