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We choose how we see the world, how passionately we live, whether to feel the fear and do it anyway. Two noted deaths within a five-week span have made me think about this more than ever.

Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle died in a plane crash. He was passionate about learning to fly and so he put lots of energy into making it happen. And then he died doing what he loved.

This is how I see this.

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin loved to take on often dangerous reptiles and was clearly in his element when doing so. He died in what was for him the heady process of bringing viewers into a world that made him tick.

This is how I see this.

With all that is happening around the globe, heavy stuff that threatens our very existence every day, how is it that so many people cannot see how important it is to live? News reports with a tsk-tsk tone in situations like these deaths make me sigh. Does a man who wants to learn to fly or communicate with crocodiles really deserve an I-told-you-so attitude in death? Yikes. Are people that short-sighted?

It has been my experience in almost five years of life coaching that there are many talented, creative people trying to unblock their paralyzing fears to achieve what guys like Cory Lidle and Steve Irwin did — the high of living life to its fullest. Sure, one can make the argument that Lidle would still be alive if he hadn’t followed his urge to fly or Irwin his calling for the wild. I would counter with this — would they be? Really?

I’m not advocating stupidity, just paying attention to a strong pull. Safe can be good. But sometimes it’s just plain overrated.

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