Decided to “kill” a few hours before a life coaching appointment in the city. I was off to Holiday Lane in Macy’s.

On my way up to the ninth floor, I stopped to look at some Lenox ornaments and struck up a conversation with a lovely saleswoman. She told me her father used to be Santa at the World Trade Center and that he always said, “When you put that suit on, magic happens.”

My stroll through the themed trees in Holiday Lane was just that — magical. My favorite was the white one hung upside down with ornaments all done in shades of pink and purple and bright blue.

On my way to my appointment, I happened to pause for a traffic light on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 36th Street. It was about 4:45 p.m., so it was dusk and the light was just so. I looked up and saw the Empire State Building lit in green and red. What a spectacular sight. I see that building every single day and am still awed by it.

I had a highly satisfying coaching session and journeyed home, feeling fabulous.