Why I love New York today:

— Walked by the filming of a scene for Law and Order, Criminal Intent and saw both stars. So fun.

— Inspired because it was such a mild November day, grabbed a ‘recession special’ at Gray’s Papaya — two hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard and a Diet Coke for $2.75 — consumed while standing at a counter. Smooth.

— Met some friends and heard all about their luxurious trip to India.

— Strolled through H&M and laughed out loud as this adorable sales guy with a ton of rhythm challenged us shoppers to move to the music as we combed through sale racks. Meanwhile, he walked (or danced) his talk.

— Navigated a bustling 34th Street by weaving around handbag knockoffs on sprawling blankets.

It’s been a slice.