I write this blog for me. It is a form of expression, release, creativity.

So when I find out someone else gets pleasure or inspiration or clarity from it, it’s like a big, whopping bonus. Or, the icing, so to speak.

Recently I have been hearing from a gentleman across the Atlantic Ocean who has become a regular reader. He came across my blog while doing a search for Florence Scovel Shinn. A small sampling of what he has shared:

As time passes by and my perception about your blog establishes, I am discovering what part of me can be reflected in you/your blog: the balance, the middle way. That is, emotional and mental balance to face the increasing noise, confusion and turmoil in this planet … You offer a balanced communication with a balanced attitude.

In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined my daily musings would be seen in just this way. How thrilling that it is so.