Greetings All —

The holiday season makes me feel light and thankful and a bit introspective. I delight in wandering my urban surroundings and drinking in the sparkly creativity others have so generously shared. I hope you’re making time for similar joys. They’re there for the taking.


How many people do you love? Do they know it?

Now I’m not talking about the “love one another” kind of love. It’s admirable, yes, to strive to love all in the greater, worldly sense. However, what I’m talking about here is, do the people in your life who mean something to you know they mean something to you? Parents, siblings, significant others, children, friends, mentors.

What have you done for your loved ones lately? If the answer is plenty, kudos for giving time to one of the truly important things in life — the nurturing of relationships. If the answer is nothing or not enough, now is the time to take stock and get it right. A gesture as simple as a meaningful note — hey, maybe even on real paper instead of email — can mean the world to someone. Imagine how you feel when a person you care about shows appreciation or pays you a thoughtful compliment.

All year long I work with life coaching clients who set goals to further their careers, feed their creative endeavors and live healthier lives. While improving all of the above will certainly do wonders for ourselves and subsequently those around us, often we don’t focus enough attention on the quality of those relationships that might need special care.

With the holiday season upon us, here are some things to keep in mind with regard to loved ones:

  • An expensive present doesn’t necessarily deliver a rich message. It may just say, “I had the money and I checked you off my list.”

  • A lot of people get great joy from a thoughtful card. Make your words count.

  • As families scatter and grow, often it takes more effort to keep up a tradition. Make the effort. (Yes, Mom and I will be baking cookies this weekend!)

  • You will never regret letting compassion and patience override ego. Few of us come from Norman Rockwell-esque families. If conflict arises, take a deep breath and stay even.

    And, finally, answer the question: Do the people you love know it? What a great gift to be able to go down the list and say yes.

    As you bring 2006 to a close, take some time to think about what you want 2007 to be. Then contact me for a life coaching consultation in January and we’ll get started on bringing that vision to life.