I was sitting in a cafe with my laptop, writing my monthly life coaching newsletter (https://nancola.com/pages/newsletter.html) with much diligence and concentration. After polishing it and sending it, I sat back and let out a sigh of relief. A guy sitting on the couch across from me said, “Tired?”

I laughed, said, “No, just relieved” and from there proceeded to have a delightful conversation. It seems Benicio — very easy on the eyes, incidentally — is leaving the world of teaching math and physics for gardening and landscaping. He’s moving to Atlanta to start a business and I am confident saying, after about 15 minutes of conversation, that his business will boom.

This is a guy who lights up when he talks about taking a drab housefront in Short Hills to beautiful brilliance. One woman didn’t think she had enough space for a fountain, but always dreamed of having one; he found a way to give it to her. He even took discarded shrubs and things and made a pretty spot outside his own apartment in Jersey City. The whole time he spoke, I was struck by how alive he is.

There will be some dazzling gardens sprouting in Atlanta real soon. Trust me.