Fell asleep last night before I had a chance to blog. Almost never happens. But I have things to say, so …

Went to see Suze Orman last night at Barnes and Noble in Union Square. That is one dynamic woman. What a bright star. Her latest book has her on a crusade to get women to engage their relationship with money. She outlines a plan and even offers a savings incentive with TD Ameritrade.

I’m so there. Suze has timed this just right as far as I’m concerned. She wants to get America saving more and I’m happy to do my part. I bought the book, with a great coupon, I might add. Even shared an extra coupon with the woman in line behind me.

Successful, feisty people like Suze who came from working class families inspire me so. Interestingly, it was just a few nights ago that I caught Oprah’s special on her school in South Africa for girls. Certainly Oprah falls into the “successful, feisty” category, but it was riveting to see her select girls for her school who exhibited that same potential. Oprah said she was looking for girls with “it.”

I cried as I watched that program because it is unfathomable for me to imagine living in a one-room shack with no plumbing or walking to school through dangerous streets praying no one would harm me. These girls know school is the answer to the prayer of getting out, of helping others, of bettering their country. It was so moving.

Was talking to a friend who also saw the show and we marveled at how anyone could criticize Oprah for doing this. My friend recalled that Oprah asked viewers to watch the show with their children. After seeing it, it was clear why. American children can use a dose of that. It’s eye-opening, it’s humbling, it expands one’s heart.

To be in a position to help others because you’ve made millions out of almost nothing, and to use that opportunity the way Suze and Oprah have, well, it’s amazing to me.

It’s been a week filled with inspiration.