OK, this will be an ad for Target. How does anyone not love that store?

Went with my friend Robin tonight. Much to my eternal shock, I bought a big, bright yellow patent leather handbag with a cool buckle on it. “Take it out of here and it will look totally different,” Robin said. Then she picked up another, “Take it out of here … ” What a great mantra.

And how right she was. I brought that bag home and paired it with black and white, with denim and black, with plain black. Awesome, awesome, and awesome. Then I started rummaging through every darn scarf and spring jacket I own to try it with different combos. Out came the classic Versace scarf, black with a gold design. Yellow gold. Imagine the audacity of pairing Versace with a $19.99 handbag from Target.

Now that’s the epitome of confidence in style.