My craft

There is a joy in being around other writers, of discussing issues unique to the writing process, of honing our turn of phrase. I was so immersed in all of that and more today at the Javits Center. Learning, perfecting, sharing, seeking.The Writers’ Conference...

Write stuff

Tomorrow is the Book Expo Writers’ Conference at the Jacob Javits Center. Really looking forward to immersing myself in all things book related.The writer that lives inside me is doing cartwheels.

Three days

Such a full weekend. Went to Baltimore to visit a friend. Came home and did some house cleaning. Plenty of reading. Lots of thinking. Re-stocked the fridge with fresh vegetables.A good holiday weekend.

Simple pleasure

Enjoyed a well-prepared, healthy meal at Thalia tonight (thank you for the recommendation, Rachael Ray). Met a friend for insightful, stimulating conversation.It’s one of my favorite things to do.