Greetings All —

I’m teaching writing again! I’m so excited to have collaborated with a Hoboken business called ZenTouch to use its space for a relaxed, experiential workshop called “Writing: Luxury or Necessity?” designed to explore the role of writing in your life. I will be offering one a month in July, August and September.

For specifics, please visit the Calendar page.

Also, contact me for ideas for a laid back writing or life coaching workshop in your home. It’s a fun way to help your friends set goals and tap into their creative core.

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Okay, I’m reading Anna Karenina. It has been on my mental “to do” list for about a decade, ever since buying a beautiful old two-volume set in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and displaying it on a dresser in my bedroom. (Yikes, have you ever seen one of those creepy decorating shows that suggests you “casually” place a book on your end table for prop instead of actual use? I have become one of them.)

Why is this of any interest whatsoever to anyone? Because it is summer and it is time to take a look at your own mental “to do” list and see what you can check off. It doesn’t have to be a book. It could be a flower box that you have wanted to fill with fresh herbs. Or a golf lesson you’ve promised yourself. Or a special outing you’ve wanted to do with a child or elder in your life.

Envision for a moment how it would feel to check something off that list of yours. Why is this particular item on there to start with? What do you expect to gain from doing it?

So often when I work with life coaching clients we create what we call Primary Goals. Those are often sweeping and meant to effect big changes in their lives. But sometimes it’s the stuff of life that normally falls through the cracks that I like to call attention to and nudge a bit. This can often make or break quality of life. The herbs would add delightful fragrance to your home and add texture to your cooking. The golf lesson could turn into a relaxing passion. The outing could cement a bond that’s important to you.

As for me, I will be happy to actually understand all the cultural references to Anna Karenina for the rest of my life. I can hardly wait to make that check mark.


Robin Maggi is participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in the fall and has a lofty goal! If you’re looking to write a check for a good cause, this is it.

Mary Carlomagno is teaching a course in Manhattan called Eliminate The Clutter on June 25. For details, click here.