I have watched a lot of television in my day, but never have I said “What the f–k” so many times in the span of an hour as when I watch Big Love. What in the world is going on in Utah?

That show, especially the last few weeks, is riveting. You think The Sopranos was violent and scheming and immoral? Try this series depicting life as a Mormon on for size.

Tonight’s episode posed some striking juxtaposition, as Bill Paxton’s character (a polygamist with three wives, for those not in the loop) tells his 16-year-old son to stop having sex because his body is his temple. The next thing we see is Daddy Dearest get spurned in bed by one wife, only to move to another nearby residence for some serious action with his third wife. She worshipped at his temple, all right.

This is great television. But religion?

What the f–k.