Today my sister ran into an old friend of mine. They live in the same suburban New Jersey town. She looks great, was very upbeat, my sister says. Asked about me. Indicated she’d like to talk to me.

I reach into my memory and ask myself why that friendship ended well over a decade ago. Truly, I cannot say because I don’t know. We grew apart? Hmmmm. That’s too easy, too succinct. I was, and this is not a cliche, a different person then. A more angry, judgmental, closed person, truth be told. Conflict resolution was not one of my strong points.

So, the big question — why am I manifesting this now? I knew the answer to this almost the minute the words came out of my sister’s mouth. The timing is uncanny. The Universe is having a field day with my friendships.

Just last week a more current friend with whom there have been rocky times reminded me that I once called myself a “serial” friend. I told him at the time I wasn’t proud of it and that I have been doing my best to change it. In that same conversation last week, he complimented me on my ability to forgive, something he knows has taken a great deal of spiritual work the last few years.

Also this week, just yesterday in fact, I had a hard conversation with a dear friend that I wouldn’t have been capable of even a few years ago. It was honest and direct and a little bit scary, but it produced a good result.

There is a lesson in relationships here. At one time I would have been wondering if I could forgive this old friend who did what exactly? I don’t even know. Now, instead, I wonder more about her capacity for forgiveness.

Maybe it’s time to reach out and find out what the Universe has in store.