Another dating prospect. He asks in written form, “What is the one dream in your life you most look forward to coming true?” Ha. An easy one.

“I’m focused on two right now,” I respond. “Getting my book written and published. And traveling around Europe.”

I throw the same question back to him. His response?

“Finding my loving partner.”

Ouch. Now what does it say about me that that answer didn’t even occur to me?

Hmmmm. I think it says that I have things I’m excited about in my life and that it is important to me to be accomplished and see more of the world. A loving partner would potentially make all of that much more enjoyable or meaningful, perhaps.

Or maybe it means I’m so freakin’ independent that I need to occasionally sit up and pay attention to all the beautiful men out there.

Yep. It’s probably a little of both.