One of the best things about being in The Universal Flow is seeing signs laid out before you like guideposts. This is how I feel about my decision today to register for a week-long writing workshop in September.

I have been writing a book for a while. The manuscript is 200-plus pages and there’s a lot of good stuff in it. I tend to write in waves and droughts, so in order to address the droughts I did what I tell my clients to do all the time — build in some accountability.

Rewind to a “random” day early in the year when a client cancelled and I had to kill some time, so I chose Barnes and Noble in Chelsea and picked up Writer’s Digest. There was an ad for a writers’ workshop at the Jacob Javits Center in May. A few months later, when it was time for a creative jolt, I remembered the ad and signed up. Let’s just say my manuscript got a swift kick in the pants thanks to a fabulous session with someone who specializes in these things.

Over a month later, I did a “random” Internet search and found a workshop taught by the same guy. Only it’s a week! And it’s an intensive! Did I mention it’s at a spa? That I get to indulge my writer self and my prima donna self? That I’ve been itching to feed my travel bug after a long hiatus?

Is any of this really random? Methinks not. Bring it.