I have been working so hard on my inner self that The Universe must have decided to bestow some fine gifts upon me, gifts that would be luxurious for my outer beauty.

A life coaching client gave me this nifty lip balm with healing qualities that is a treat at the end of a long day. A former client who I recently met for lunch happens to work for Bliss spa and she brought me a great tube of stuff called ‘manicure’s best friend.’ It softens and heals your nails and cuticles. Another treat.

Then last week the same client who gave me the lip balm came to our session looking glow-y and she smelled great. Part of it was the natural glow of having met a great guy. But when I commented that I liked the fragrance, she reached her arm across the table and said, “Feel my arm.” The skin was so soft.

Long story short, she directed me to a store called Good Kleen Fun and a product line called Kai. According to the salesgirl there, it’s the hottest rage in L.A. There’s a body lotion and a body glow product that’s basically a dry oil spray. The combo is so fabulous and decadent feeling.

Let’s just say I’m soft. In all the right ways.