One day a life coach friend and I were talking about things in our homes that might be “stopping” us from attracting a great man into our lives. By this we meant neglected areas or things we might find embarrassing to share with another. It’s kind of like a Sex and the City episode where Miranda is petrified of inviting Steve to live with her because he’ll find out her sponges smell.

Translation: It’s not about the sponges.

Sometimes it’s just plain hard to let someone that far in. So … it’s time for me to look around my place and see what needs addressing. In The Secret, a woman trying to manifest a man made room in her sock drawer and her garage, and she also started sleeping on one side of the bed to send The Universe the signal that she was ready to invite someone all the way in.

It’s been suggested to me by several men over the years that the bathroom done up completely in a Barbie theme is a little unsettling for them. One friend said he felt like he was being “watched.” I have since added a bit of Ken to the decor, but clearly it is Barbie’s domain. Perhaps this needs assessing.

And, well, maybe I can move my socks over. And get some new sponges …