A review/update is in order as I continue my quest to manifest a wonderful man for a fabulous relationship and document it on this blog:

— I didn’t buy new sponges or make room in my sock drawer as described in my August 5 post titled, “Bringing in Ken.” Nor did I make over my Barbie bathroom. However, as promised in my August 14 entry (“In the pink”), the pink tank top is a goner. In the garbage. Finito. Whew! And, as indicated on August 10 (“Picture it”), I did put a heart-shaped frame on my desk.

— The 25-year-old mentioned in “The lust factor” on August 6 saw me coming out of my apartment building today as he was gliding by on a skateboard. Asked me if I wanted to hop on. How does a grown woman not laugh out loud at that? But he is trouble, a flashing red light, and so I let it lighten my step and headed to the gym.

— I still want to dance and travel and talk deep into the night and, yes, other things with this pending man.

— The online dating site isn’t producing much in the way of dates, but has been extremely illuminating in the area of learning how to ask for what I really want.

— Add to the list of things in my home that need a dose of testosterone — my DVD player isn’t working. For the complete rundown, see August 13 (“Help! I need somebody”).

— The poem called The Invitation continues to haunt and delight me in its profundity. See the August 8 entry titled “Essence” to read it.

— Every day I ask The Universe to present the right circumstance for my bold move, as described in my August 16 post (“Fear not”).

So there you have it. I end with my affirmation:

I am powerful, loving and harmonious and equipped to attract the ideal man for me, under grace in a perfect way.