Since August 1 I have used this blog to track my steps and observations regarding manifesting a man for a wonderful relationship. What I really like about doing this is that it has made me meditative and mindful of love and its possibilties on a daily basis. It has also made me check my own behavioral patterns and examine what I might do to remain open to that possibility.

I think the bulk of 2007 has been transformative for me in this area. What I thought about letting a man into my life six months ago and how I feel about it now are very different. Intrusion then vs. readiness now. I feel like I’m ready to take it on, all of it. I think that’s obvious in how I am wearing my heart on my sleeve in this public forum.

So often in our society people make snap judgments about us based on whether we’re “attached.” I used to bristle at this. Now I realize that it does say something about us. There are so many marriages out there that make me cringe, but the people in them often feel safe. They want others to feel safe, too.

I have been creating my own form of safe living and it has been mostly good. I live a rich life. But now there is something to be said for sharing the wealth. I needed the better part of this year to learn this, to admit it even.

There, I said it.