OK, it’s time to talk about lust. Because in the last 24 hours, this is what I’m attracting.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I want lust in my life. (Got that, Universe? I WANT lust in my life.) However, I want it in combination with the other stuff. (See August 1 post for a more specific list of ‘other stuff.’) So I think I must examine what it is I’m doing or what my vibe is saying that is drawing situations like these to me:

— A man on the PATH train yesterday evening was sitting across from me and staring at me with such undisguised lust that it made me uneasy. I kept looking away, but his appreciative gaze was fixed on me. The best I could do was raise my eyebrow in acknowledgement. I was very uncomfortable. This is not a complaint, just honest feelings in the moment.

— This morning as I walked out of my apartment building talking to my neighbor, an attractive man walked by us going in the opposite direction. He was clearly checking me out as well and after he walked by I turned my body completely around to look some more. He had turned also and caught me red-handed. We both kept walking, but it was a funny moment.

— This afternoon, a guy 20 years younger than me who really likes to flirt was turning on the charm something fierce. I see him in my neighborhood regularly and he is always very assertive in his admiration. He’s sweet, but certainly not a prospect for anything but a physical connection. (Note: I know this because one day I basically came right out and asked him what he wanted from me. That kind of forthrightness is one of the perks of being in your 40s.)

While all of this is flattering and fun and in some cases tempting, it was not what I had in mind when I decided to manifest a soulful and vibrant relationship with a man. I am choosing to see these things as signs that I’m continuing to give off positive energy, but that perhaps conversationally I need to open up a bit. Of course, ideally I will meet a nice guy, become friends and then it will organically deepen into a more intimate connection.

It seems an affirmation is in order:

I am powerful, loving and harmonious and equipped to attract the ideal man for me, under grace in a perfect way.

And so it is.