There is a cute young couple in my apartment building. They got married in May and just sent out links to look at their wedding pictures. I enjoyed looking through the photos, but was particularly taken with shots of the bride on a beach. They gave a nice view of the back of her dress and she looked so relaxed and happy.

This evening I ran into the happy couple in front of our building and we talked about the photos. To my surprise, the shots on the beach were taken after they returned from their honeymoon. At the groom’s request, the bride was not wearing makeup in them. It seems he loves the way she looks without it.

This little conversation tugged at my heart strings. We’re just so socialized to believe that we have to put our best “face” forward to attract a man. That we have to be all done up.

In fact, if we listen to men, this is simply not true. How refreshing.