I have decided to surround myself with people who make me want to be a better person or whose presence in my life has made me a better person. Today one friend who falls in both categories showed me why that is wise.

He told me this blog was too safe, that I was too conscious of my audience, that I could go deeper. “You want me to talk about vibrators, don’t you?” I retorted. But of course I was tossing out a line to cover how right I knew he was.

I have, in fact, been a little blocked writing this the past few days and here’s why: I am a bit focused on a particular guy and I want to know if I have a shot. So I’m finally doing something about it. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the online dating site sent two new matches to my mailbox. One guy writes in his profile, “Please be a size 6 or less.” I came out of the womb larger than a six, so I ditched him. The second guy is seeking someone petite. Again, I wasn’t petite in my crib, so onward and upward.

Ahhhhhh. This was a bit of a purge.

I am a better person for it. (Thanks, doll.)