Well, time for some updates on the man manifestation situation. (Note: For readers new to my blog, I vowed on August 1 http://theuniversalflow.blogspot.com/2007_08_01_archive.html to use this forum to publicly manifest a man for a wonderful relationship and I’ve been doing it ever since.)

Last night a friend asked me over for some paella. How does a girl say no to that? Upon my arrival he made me a margarita so strong I was sloshed before I finished it. I am not exaggerating. I told him I was partway to my man manifestation goal. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Well, I thought it would be great to have a man get me tipsy and then try to make a move.” He laughed. Let’s just say I’m not his type and there were no moves.

So, as indicated in earlier posts, I reached out to the guy with whom I’m sort of intrigued. No response. Soooooooo, he either reaches out because he realizes what he’s missing over here or he doesn’t. Life is short. My eyes are wide open.

The latest match sent to me by the online dating service wants someone with a “motherly” side. Now, my sister just two weeks ago remarked on my maternal abilities with my 4-year-old niece and that was a nice observation, but hell if I want to practice those skills on a man in a relationship. As I said before, I’ll bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, but playing mommy to a grown man isn’t in the cards. I closed the match.

September is a time for fresh starts. I’m feeling it.